Santo Domingo Twitter Trends

FAQ's about Twitter Trends Santo Domingo

Top five latest twitter trends Santo Domingo are

  1. Código Penal
  2. Distrito Nacional
  3. Marileidy Paulino
  4. Pepe Abreu
  5. #YoNoVotePorLaIglesia
The five longest Twitter trends of the day in Santo Domingo are Código Penal , Distrito Nacional , #YoNoVotePorLaIglesia , La Altagracia , #DontcometoDR .

  1. Código Penal trends for 24 hours.
  2. Distrito Nacional trends for 24 hours.
  3. #YoNoVotePorLaIglesia trends for 23 hours.
  4. La Altagracia trends for 21 hours.
  5. #DontcometoDR trends for 20 hours.
In Santo Domingo, the top five twitter topics of the day are

  1. Lakers with 482.8K tweets.
  2. Israel with 146.7K tweets.
  3. #Volleyball with 138.7K tweets.
  4. Bad Bunny with 74.8K tweets.
  5. Hoy 4 with 24.5K tweets.
Some popular countries using twitter are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia
Some popular countries using twitter are Santo Domingo .