Twitter Trends Japan

Twitter Trends in Japan

With millions of users, twitter in Japan is the most popular social media platform. Everyday millions of users in Japan share their thoughts on twitter with thousands of hashtags. Every hashtag shows popular Twitter trends Japan. Today’s top twitter trends in Japan are #乃木坂46ANN, #佐久間宣行ANN0, #斉藤壮馬誕生祭2021, 大逆転裁判, #嘴平伊之助誕生祭2021, #あなたをアルコール飲料に例える, アライズ, テイルズ, 怒り新党, Golf it, . Hashtag is the most common tool to share a thought with millions of users. Everyday many trending hashtags in Japan are retweeted by millions of twitter handles. Yesterday around 24 hashtags were used to share different twitter topics in Japan. These 24 hashtags got around 1.6M retweets out of which Apple got 646.4K tweets, #AppleEvent got 317.7K tweets, 緊急事態宣言 got 282.4K tweets, iMac got 229.9K tweets, AirTag got 89.6K tweets, #着飾る恋には理由があって got 67.6K tweets, .

If you want to know what is twitter trending in Japan or what is the longest twitter trends in Japan then Social Trends 24 is the best place for you. By choosing longest twitter trends Japan you can share your thoughts for the longest time on the platform. Today the longest twitter trend Japan is #クズタイプ診断 trends for 11 hours, iMac trends for 10 hours, クズの要素 trends for 10 hours, 天使ちゃん trends for 9 hours, iPad Pro trends for 9 hours, AirTag trends for 8 hours, .

Twitter hashtags Trends are also changed with the region. Every city may have different twitter trends as compared to twitter trends Japan. Also two different cities may have different twitter trends with each other. At Social Trends 24 you can get Twitter trends in Nagoya, Twitter trends in Osaka, Twitter trends in Sapporo, Twitter trends in Tokyo and Twitter trends in Yokohama.

Similarly every country also has different twitter trends as compared to Twitter Trending Japan. Update yourself for Twitter trends US, Twitter trends Indonesia, Twitter trends Spain, Twitter trends Russia and Twitter trends India at Social Trends 24.

FAQ's about Twitter Trends Japan

Top five latest twitter trends Japan are

  1. #乃木坂46ANN
  2. #フワちゃんANNX
  3. #かわいいV宇宙人狼
  4. #斉藤壮馬誕生祭2021
  5. #嘴平伊之助誕生祭2021
The five longest Twitter trends of the day in Japan are #クズタイプ診断 , iMac , クズの要素 , 天使ちゃん , iPad Pro .

  1. #クズタイプ診断 trends for 11 hours.
  2. iMac trends for 10 hours.
  3. クズの要素 trends for 10 hours.
  4. 天使ちゃん trends for 9 hours.
  5. iPad Pro trends for 9 hours.
In Japan, the top five twitter topics of the day are

  1. Apple with 646.4K tweets.
  2. #AppleEvent with 317.7K tweets.
  3. 緊急事態宣言 with 282.4K tweets.
  4. iMac with 229.9K tweets.
  5. AirTag with 89.6K tweets.
Some popular countries using twitter are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia
Some popular countries using twitter are Nagoya , Osaka , Sapporo , Tokyo , Yokohama .