Twitter Trends Korea

Twitter Trends in Korea

With millions of users, twitter in Korea is the most popular social media platform. Everyday millions of users in Korea share their thoughts on twitter with thousands of hashtags. Every hashtag shows popular Twitter trends Korea. Today’s top twitter trends in Korea are 싱어게인, #이걸_보는_즉시_평소말투_공개, #포인트별_한명만_고른다면_어쩌구, #정우버블, #카이에게_직진러브_ing, 과몰입하는 이유, #TryAgain_3주년_축하해, 츠키스타, 위올라이, 이즈마코, . Hashtag is the most common tool to share a thought with millions of users. Everyday many trending hashtags in Korea are retweeted by millions of twitter handles. Yesterday around 24 hashtags were used to share different twitter topics in Korea. These 24 hashtags got around 17.2M retweets out of which #AMAs got 4.3M tweets, #Amas got 4M tweets, #AMAsTNT got 3.4M tweets, #DYNAMITE got 2.7M tweets, #ARMY got 2.4M tweets, #GOT7_BreathRelease got 294.6K tweets, .

If you want to know what is twitter trending in Korea or what is the longest twitter trends in Korea then Social Trends 24 is the best place for you. By choosing longest twitter trends Korea you can share your thoughts for the longest time on the platform. Today the longest twitter trend Korea is BL 최애공 trends for 9 hours, #우리장르로_욕을_해보자 trends for 9 hours, 선덕여왕 trends for 9 hours, 뱀주인자리 trends for 7 hours, 최종우승 trends for 7 hours, 소라고동 trends for 6 hours, .

Twitter hashtags Trends are also changed with the region. Every city may have different twitter trends as compared to twitter trends Korea. Also two different cities may have different twitter trends with each other. At Social Trends 24 you can get Twitter trends in Seoul, Twitter trends in Busan, Twitter trends in Incheon.

Similarly every country also has different twitter trends as compared to Twitter Trending Korea. Update yourself for Twitter trends US, Twitter trends Indonesia, Twitter trends Saudi Arabia, Twitter trends Japan and Twitter trends India at Social Trends 24.

FAQ's about Twitter Trends Korea

Top five latest twitter trends Korea are

  1. 싱어게인
  2. #이걸_보는_즉시_평소말투_공개
  3. #포인트별_한명만_고른다면_어쩌구
  4. #정우버블
  5. #카이에게_직진러브_ing
The five longest Twitter trends of the day in Korea are BL 최애공 , #우리장르로_욕을_해보자 , 선덕여왕 , 뱀주인자리 , 최종우승 .

  1. BL 최애공 trends for 9 hours.
  2. #우리장르로_욕을_해보자 trends for 9 hours.
  3. 선덕여왕 trends for 9 hours.
  4. 뱀주인자리 trends for 7 hours.
  5. 최종우승 trends for 7 hours.
In Korea, the top five twitter topics of the day are

  1. #AMAs with 4.3M tweets.
  2. #Amas with 4M tweets.
  3. #AMAsTNT with 3.4M tweets.
  4. #DYNAMITE with 2.7M tweets.
  5. #ARMY with 2.4M tweets.
Some popular countries using twitter are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia
Some popular countries using twitter are Seoul , Busan , Incheon .