Twitter Trends Novosibirsk

FAQ's about Twitter Trends Novosibirsk

Top five latest twitter trends Novosibirsk are

  1. #китаемем
  2. #June12thProtest
  3. #гдеХалимат
  4. #ДеньРоссии
  5. В Москве
The five longest Twitter trends of the day in Novosibirsk are С Праздником , С Днём России , #EURO2020 , #June12thProtest , Евро .

  1. С Праздником trends for 12 hours.
  2. С Днём России trends for 11 hours.
  3. #EURO2020 trends for 10 hours.
  4. #June12thProtest trends for 9 hours.
  5. Евро trends for 7 hours.
In Novosibirsk, the top five twitter topics of the day are

  1. #June12thProtest with 2.8M tweets.
  2. #KeepitOn with 1.2M tweets.
  3. #EURO2020 with 797.4K tweets.
  4. Nigeria with 616.9K tweets.
  5. #0X1LOVESONG4thWin with 335.4K tweets.
Some popular countries using twitter are Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, United States, Russia and Saudi Arabia
Some popular countries using twitter are Moscow , Nizhny Novgorod , Novosibirsk , Saint Petersburg , Yekaterinburg .